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site of project summary

R5RS: Revised 5 Report on the Algorithmic Language Scheme (The lang LANG/BGB this was based on)
Well, LANG/BGB is dead...
Probably need some newer docs or something...

Self 4.0 Programmers Reference Manual

Concurrent Programming in Erlang

These also provided motivation for my current language (known as PDScript or BGB-Script, yes, I haven't totally settled on a name, I have traditionally called it PDScript, but BGB-Script is more reflective of, well, me...).

Older stuff, mostly dead
LANG/BGB spec (outdated, dead)
MRP 0.1 preliminary spec (dead)
BGBSCM4 API Spec 0 (outdated)
PDLIB Preliminary Spec 0 (Replaced)
SXRPC Preliminary Spec 0 (probably dead)

MRPT 0.2 Preliminary Spec (Replaced)
MRPT 0.2.1 Preliminary Spec (dead)
MRPT 0.2.2 Transport (dead, in favor of XMPP)
MRPT 0.2.2 RPC (dead, in favor of JabberRPC)

2003-10-08: FAT-SL
2003-10-13: FAT-SL (Updated, dead)

2003-11-18: a few notes on lbcc (well, lbcc is dead)

2003-12-23: Updated PDLIB Spec (old...)
2004-01-16: XML-RPC Extension 0 (Replaced)
2004-01-18: XML Namespace Based Extension Mechanism for XML-RPC 0 (errm, probably useless)

2004-09-04: LIFF File Format Specification 0.1 (dead)
2004-11-19: XLIFF 0.1.1 Draft Spec (probably dead)

2005-05-16: A partial spec for the PDScript/BGB-Script language

Misc Side-project stuff

2005-03-12: LIFF 0.2 File Format Specification
2005-03-15: bgbzip0: A Simplistic LZ77 Style Compressor
2005-03-28: bgb-lz2a 0.1: An LZ77+PAQ style arithmetic encoder
2005-04-02: bgb-lz2a 0.1.1: LZ2A tools, HTAR archiver
2005-05-12: pdtx: A vaguely jpeg-like graphics format with alpha channel support
2005-05-16: LZW-like AI assertion
2005-06-01: LZBSS, Another LZ77 Style Compressor
2005-06-01: A Modified PAQ Style Arithmetic Coder (faster, but with worse ratios than other similar encoders).
2005-06-01: Mildly Updated PDTX Tools

2005-07-20: BSDE Physics API Spec (very early)
2005-08-27: BSDE Physics API Source
2005-08-27: BSDE Physics API Spec

2005-10-27: BSDE Physics API Source 0.02

2006-05-10: ZPack format/tools

General Stuff
screen shots
goals (old)
Software Mesh (old)